What I Collect: Shopping Bagsss

What I Collect? Shopping bags from department store, supermarket, clothing store, any places that I rarely visit, or any brand that make me put more ‘effort’ to get it ($$$).

Since when? Since I was in elementary school. It means almost 20 years. The last time I count my collections (23/3), they reach the number of 600. Since the limitation of the keeping place, so I recently don’t collect from some regular stores that I used to… 😦

Why? At first, it was my ‘pitty’ feeling about that bag, so I decided to keep them one by one. As time goes by, my ‘pitty’ feeling is still exist. But those abroad bags somehow become as one of my ‘reminders’ about my around-the-world dream.

Did I buy things from all those shopping bags’ stores? I wish I did…:p. Since my family and some of my friends know that I’m a shopping bags collector, so shopping bags are one of my souvenirs from abroad. There are also people who give some things by using shopping bags that I never have. Sometimes, I buy any thing from my target store to get its shopping bag. Well, I not always buy things. I sometimes got some souvenirs from an expo that I visit. I participated in a magazine quiz to get an Oreo shopping bag (and of course with some Oreo souvenirs inside) .

Do I use my collection? Almost never. Unless I have a stockpile or more.

Now, only left Kinokuniya in Jakarta (eh, I don't know about QB..) I missed the rest of them... Esp. Lisboa. They have a delicious chicken tart...

Countries of bags ‘origin’? Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Swiss, France, Netherland…(and keep growing…)

Wildest dreams? Open a shopping bag museum, recorded in Guiness Book of World Record, well at least Indonesian Record Museum B-)

Future plan? Keep collecting!

(p.s.: Since I’m too lazy to set my bags to take their pictures, I don’t display all of my 6oo collection. Sorry :d)

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